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Workshop of Security

A survey of the years covering the formation of the United Nations following the Second World War by an Australian delegate. Published by F.W. Cheshire in 1948.
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
F.W. Cheshire, 1948
Hardback 181 pp
ISBN: n/a

Dedication extract by Paul Hasluck:
"This book is dedicated, in friendship and respect, to 'Those with Whom I Argued.' Knowing their nice sense of words, I am sure they will see that my meaning is not to dedicate a book to those whose side I argued, but to bring a modest offering to all those with whom I argued concerning the United Nations during the past three years, no matter which side of the argument they took. What made the past three years some of the happiest in my experience was this continuing argument on something worth arguing about with people who new their subject and cared for a good result. Looking back on various councils, commissions, committees, sub-committees, groups, informal talks and various other meetings in Wellington, London, San Francisco and New York, and recalling what we argued about and the people there, I find that what comes uppermost in my mind is a memory of readiness in discussion, sincere in purpose, ease of friendliness and the intellectual morality of most of the debaters. With that memory this dedication is inscribed."

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