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To Guide and Guard

A history of the guide dog movement in Western Australia published by the University of Western Australia Press in 1967.
by Alexandra Hasluck

Publication Details:
University of Western Australia Press, 1967
Hardback 75 pp
ISBN: n/a

Book cover notes:
"Much is done by the ordinary citizen in the way of voluntary work for the object of his own humanitarian interests. Although in the modern world there is a tendency to 'Let the Government do it', there still are many people with the enterprise and courage to take on a thing that they see needs doing. This is what happened in the setting up of a training school for guide dogs for the blind - the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mrs Hasluck, who is well known as a writer of historical biographies, has treated the historical event of the first guide dog training school in Australia as an exercise in the emergence of many ordinary citizens into a national scene of activity. Each one stands out in her own right. And so do the dogs in the story for, as Mrs hasluck remarks, 'How can there be a guide dog scheme without dogs?' Dog lovers will appreciate this book.

Guide dogs for the blind are now established, and throughout Australia one often sees a blind person of either sex walking along like any other person, except that a sleek and admirable dog goes before them. But what went before the dog is described in this story. It is one of the notable stories of human endeavour, in an Australian setting."

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