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The Poet in Australia

A Discursive Essay by Paul Hasluck, The Hawthorn Press, 1975
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
The Hawthorn Press, 1975
Paperback 67 pp
ISBN: 0 7256 0139 6

"I write personally and modestly on a subject which I have no learning but much love, encouraged by a quotation from Drummond Hawthornden. 'It is more praiseworthy in noble and excellent things to know something, though little, than in mean and ignoble matters to have perfect knowledge. ...'

There are a number of subjects on which I know more than I know about the poet in Australia but few that I would prefer to discuss.

I will not believe that Australia is fully civilised - a place where a 'ray of humanity and civility hath shined' - until some men will talk as naturally and as knowledgeably about poetry as most men talk about golf or the stock market. ..."

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