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Remembered with Affection

Edited letters by a WA Govenor's wife Lady Broome to her son Guy in 1883/4 with a short life by Alexandra Hasluck published by Oxford University Press, 1963.
by Alexandra Hasluck

Publication Details:
Oxford University Press, 1963
Hardback 137 pp
ISBN: n/a

Book cover notes:
"Remembered with Affection is a new edition by Alexandra Hasluck, of Lady Broome's Letters to Guy, which she considers the best of Lady Broome's books.

Lady Broome was a well-known writer in her own times and her letters to her son Guy in England are full of details of her everyday life as a Governor's wife in the early days of Western Australia. She is observant and her lively descriptions of her extensive tours with her husband through Western Australia are of interest to the historian. For Guy's benefit she describes wildflowers, the sand plains, the bird she sees, the Aboriginals, and other things that attract her attention. Her good spirits and sense of the ridiculous, with her unflagging interest in what was around her make these letters delightful reading.

Alexandra Hasluck, in her introduction, sets the period with additional information about Lady Broome's life and times and about the politics of Western Australia during her husband's time of office, which are ignored in the letters."

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