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Portrait with a Background

An account of the early West Australian botanist, Georgiana Molloy, published by Oxford University Press in 1955 and republished by Fremantle Arts Centre Press in 1990 (without photographs).
by Alexandra Hasluck

Publication Details:
Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1990
Paperback 296 pp
ISBN: 0 949206 62 8

Cover notes from 1955 hardback edition:
"It would be difficult to find a more appealing pioneer heroine than Georgiana Malloy. With her husband, Captain Malloy, she was one of a small party which founded the tiny settlement of Augusta in Western Australia. Here, as a young bride thrust suddenly form a sheltered Scottish home into a strange, isolated settlement on the opposite side of the world, she was presented with seemingly overwhelming trials and hardship. Yet this attractive intelligent woman was never defeated by circumstance, never ceased to find enjoyment and satisfaction in her life, and somehow found time, among all the trials and difficulties of a pioneer settlement to study and identify for the first time many of the Western Australian wild flowers."

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