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Of Ladies Dead

Stories not in the modern manner. A collection of tales based on historical mysteries published by Angus and Robertson as a hard back in 1970 and as part of the A & R Classic paperback series in 1973. Includes the author's tribute to her friend, Henrietta Drake-Brockman.
by Alexandra Hasluck

Publication Details:
Angus & Robertson, 1973
Hardback 144 pp
ISBN: 0 207 12169 9

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Book cover notes:
"Alexandra Hasluck is an historian who proves to be a compelling story-teller in these tales, mostly based on historical mysteries and legends. She is fascinated by character and motive, by the impulses and states of mind of the women she so gracefully and vividly brings to life - and to death. But, though there is a death in every story, the mood is light rather than tragic, no matter how macabre the theme.

Hannah Sweetacres on her lonely farm, the tragic and beautiful Drusilla, Bridget paying the penalty for her crime, Mrs Mahaffey who new everything: with a sure sense of drama, Lady Hasluck presents each in her setting, and the reader may decide for himself/herself which stories are based on fact, and which are purest fiction.

One that is not imagined is the author's moving tribute to her friend Henrietta Drake-Brockman, Lament for a Dead Writer."

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