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C Y O'Connor

A short monograph published by Oxford University Press, 1965.
by Alexandra Hasluck

Publication Details:
Oxford University Press, 1965
Paperback 30 pp
ISBN: n/a

One of a series on Great Australians published in pocket-book size slim volumes with a summary introduction to the life of the person and a list for further reading. The monograph outlines the career of Charles Yelverton O'Connor in New Zealand and then in Western Australia. In 1891 O'Connor aged 58 was appointed Engineer-in-Chief in Western Australia by the Premier John Forrest. The book summarizes the development of engineering works in the early colony and the problems faced by the O'Connor. His major works were the building of the Fremantle Harbour and Mundaring Weir with the water pipeline and pumping stations to the goldfields in Kalgoorlie. Both were far sighted contentious engineering feats. The author concludes that his tragic death, before the water flowed into the dam at Kalgoorlie, set the seal on his greatness allowing his full breadth of vision and achievement to be appreciated.

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