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National Trust of Western Australia Sketchbook

A book of descriptive historical essays and drawings of twenty seven National Trust properties owned in Western Australia at that time. Part of The Sketchbook Series of Australia, first published by Rigby, 1978.
by Alexandra Hasluck and Ross Shardlow

Publication Details:
Oxford University Press, 1965
Paperback 30 pp
ISBN: n/a

Book cover notes:
"Western Australia was founded on 17 June 1829 when the Swan River Colony was proclaimed at Arthur Head, Fremantle. Throughout the 150 years of settlement many fine buildings as well as many humble structures have been erected, each typical of the period in which they were constructed. Many of these buildings are still standing, and the National Trust has been able to acquire many splendid examples to preserve for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

National Trust properties are spread throughout the State and range from a small reserve of 20 metres surrounding a sealer's oven at Waychinicup Inlet to the ambitious project of preserving a complete hamlet at Greenough Flats just south of Geraldton.

The Old farm at Strawberry Hill, Albany, was erected for the visit of Governor Stirling in 1831 and now fully restored and authentically furnished, is a popular tourist attraction. St Bartholomew's Church stands within the old East Perth cemetery, surrounded by graves of early colonists. Last used in 1916, the church fell into disrepair but has now been restored and refurnished. Wonnerup House, north of Busselton, was erected on a grant of land to George Layman in 1834. The house, with its luxuriant gardens, is a fine example of a colonial homestead.

These and many other historic buildings are described in Alexandra Hasluck's detailed and informative text and are illustrated by Ross Shardlow's charmingly evocative drawings. This book is a valuable portrayal of the heritage left to us by the pioneers of Western Australia."

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