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Mucking About

An autobiography up to entering into parliament in 1949 published by Melbourne University Press, 1977 and republished by University of Western Australia Press 1994 with extra photos.
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
Melbourne University Press, 1977
Hardback 287 pp
ISBN: 0 522 84125 2

Cover notes, 1977 edition:
"This autobiography ends with the author's thirty-fifth year. After a man enters public life, says Paul Hasluck, he should give up auto biography and simply proffer evidence as a witness so others can write history.

So this Western Australian who became a Cabinet Minister and Governor-General does not write of what he achieved but of what he loved and enjoyed when he was growing up.

His evocations of boyhood and young manhood in town and country show he fully lived and experienced every moment. His narrative also reveals much of the conditions in Australia in the period between the two world wars and uncovers the springs of thoughts and action of the generation which governed Australia in the post-war years.

Australians who have known Paul Hasluck only as a diligent Minister and dignified Governor-General will see him here as student, traveller, journalist, poet, amateur with many hobbies and shrewd observer of the social scene. He also writes of the beginning of his work for Aborigines and his emerging interest in Asia."

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