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Light that Time has Made

A posthumous collection of essays and book reviews with a foreword and postscript by Nicholas Hasluck, published by the National Library in 1995.
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
National Library, 1995
Paperback 216 pp
ISBN: 0 642 10652 5

Cover notes:
"Light That Time Has Made is a collection of essays and reviews written by Paul Hasluck in the years before his death in 1993. A country boy, and son of Salvation Army parents, Paul Hasluck brings to his task of social observation an extraordinary, and unique, background - journalist, poet, critic, drama critic, war historian, author, publisher, anthropologist, public servant, diplomat, parliamentarian, federal Minister, Governor-General.

In a series of essays contrasting social attitudes in Australia early in the century with attitudes 60 or more years later, we see Paul Hasluck the thoughtful, insightful 'private' man rather than the more familiar 'public' dignitary. His skill as a professionally trained journalist is revealed as Hasluck gradually explores an intriguing question: was there a distinctively Australia body of thought shaping events and attitudes in this country during the twentieth century or did progress occur simply in response to what was happening elsewhere in the world, and as a consequence of random events?

With an introduction and post-script by his son, Nicholas Hasluck, Light That Time Has Made presents some fascinating anecdotes about several of Paul Hasluck's contemporaries, including Curtin, Evatt, Menzies, Gorton, McMahon and Whitlam, and raises such topical and timely issues as the republican debate, the politicisation of the public service, and equal rights for all Australians including Aboriginal Australians."

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