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A Grain of Truth

It looked simple until you got close ... Someone was lying. A novel first published by Penguin in 1994.
by Nicholas Hasluck

Publication Details:
Penguin, 1994
Paperback 273 pp
ISBN: 0 14 023769 0

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Cover notes:
" 'The prosecution put up their story; the defence then took the same facts and presented them in a different light. In due course the judge handed down a third version and, ultimately, what the jury decided became the "truth". The nature of the true story is was determined by the power structure that brought it into being.'

The West Coast drug scene is set to explode. Dealers from Revenant's Beach are running for cover and supply lines are being shut off. The cause - allegations affecting the legal system at every level. The next step ...

In this his eighth novel, prize-winning author Nicholas Hasluck tells a gripping tale that gradually discloses the truth about the legal system, the way in which facts can be transformed by skilful advocacy, the risk of justice not being done.

And in his portrayal of Henri Revenant, the mysterious architect whose words illuminate the story, Hasluck shows how the law in action is inevitably influenced by politics, by wagging tongues, by rumours and half-truths ... by time and chance."

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