Nicholas Hasluck Books

A Dream Divided

The poems included in this volume are some of the fruits of forty years' work as a writer.
by Nicholas Hasluck, 1939

Publication Details:
Access Press 2005
P.O. Box 446, Bassendean, Western Australia, 6054
Hardback 141 pp
Limited Edition of numbered casebound copies
ISBN: 0 86445 175 X

Fellow poet and critic Guy Weller has said that "Nicholas Hasluck's poetry is Table Talk - but talk of a very high order, akin to say that of Coleridge, or perhaps Henry James.

For a poet to build a sense of voice, a personal presence into his printed lines is a thing often attempted, but rarely gained. Seamus Heaney has managed the trick, as has Anne Sexton. W.H.Auden achieved this stylistic success in some of his work at least, and Phillip Larkin in nearly all of his.

Hasluck has not set out in his verse to construct grand symphonies. Instead, this writer creates pieces of chamber music of such exquisite poise and timing to remain endlessly memorable. These are poems both for the connoisseur and for the newcomer to poetry - accessible, witty, refined, clever, insightful and above all, friendly."

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