Sir Paul Hasluck Books

Crude Impieties

A small book of verse published by Rainy Creek Press, 1991.
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
Rainy Creek Press, 1991
Paperback 26 pp
ISBN: 0 9589315 18

Cover notes:
"Sir Paul Hasluck, born in 1905, is one of Australia's most unusual as well as most distinguished men. His dignified retirement into private life after service as Governor-General of Australia by no means spelt the end of his creative activities; it saw the publication of at least half a dozen books, including an earlier book of verse, Dark Cottage.

The sharp vignettes gathered here may startle many people who have seen hitherto only the grave Viceroy, for how many would have guessed at the highly disconcerting reflections that must sometimes have underlain the correct official face?"

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