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The Country Without Music

An imagined country off the coast of Western Australia settled by the French. A novel first published by Viking in 1990 and republished by Penguin in 1991. Joint winner of the Western Australian Premiers Award for fiction in 1991.
by Nicholas Hasluck

Publication Details:
Viking, 1990
Paperback 192 pp
ISBN: 0 670 83514 5

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Cover notes:
"The bone flute she wore at her neck. He touched the crescent-shaped curio. 'You are Ilois,' he said. It was the first time she had ever heard him use the word. 'You are Ilois.'

The islands known once as the strangest penal colonies on earth are now seething with discontent; and Jacqueline Villiers, caught at the centre of the turmoil, is torn between her uncle's determination to stay in power and the attraction of her Ilois friends.

Who was the administrator's niece? And what was the significance of the bone flute?

In hic compelling new novel, Nicholas Hasluck reveals how half-truths and deceptions can lead to a country bedevilled by its past - a country without music."

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