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An extended essay containing reminiscences of the University of Western Australia first published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press in 1987.
Prose by Nicholas Hasluck
Photographs by Tania Young

Publication Details:
Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1987
Paperback 131 pp
ISBN: 0 949206 26 1

Cover notes:
"Collage is an informal, intimate portrait, through words and photographs, of the unique landscape and life of Western Australia's oldest University campus. Relocated in suburban Crawley, beside the Swan River, in 1930, the University of Western Australia has become widely appreciated by generations of students, staff and visitors, for its beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

Many well-known Australians began their adult life as students in the supportive, easy-going, yet stimulating environment of the Crawley campus. They include such names as Bob Hawke, Dorothy Hewitt, Alexandra Hasluck, Nugget Coombs, Billy Snedden, Shirley Strickland, Randolph Stow, Fred Chaney, Rod Marsh, Geraldine Doogue, Bill Hartley, Sally Morgan and Robert Holmes à Court.

Nicholas Hasluck's imaginative prose combines personal recollections with an account of contemporary university life, whilst Tanya Young's photographs are an impressionistic record of the detail and vitality of the campus today. These complementary perspectives result in a book of fascinating insights, a work which captures the spirit of a place which is known and admired by so many."

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