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Black Australians

A survey of native policy in Western Australia , 1829-1897. A University of Western Australian thesis written in 1938 and published by Melbourne University Press in 1942.
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
Melbourne University Press, 1942
Hardback 226 pp
ISBN: n/a

Cover notes:
"This book has a threefold interest. It is a contribution to Australian history and to the understanding of one of Australia's major social problems - the Aborigines. It also brings new material to the study of British colonial policy in the nineteenth century, particularly as regards the treatment of native races. Thirdly, it offers to the social anthropologist the history of seventy years of contact between a primitive people and European colonists. From 1829 to 1897 native policy and administration in Western Australia were still under the control of the Colonial Office and the colony was still in a pioneering stage of development. On the frontiers of settlement the interests of black and white clashed. The nature and the outcome of the clash and the administrative measures taken to meet the situation are studied in detail, providing a representative case in the history of the first phase of the native question in the Australian colonies."

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