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The Bellarmine Jug

A novel first published by Penguin in 1984 and republished by Large Print Books in 1990. Winner of the 1984 Age Book of the Year award, 'rich in suspense and intrigue…a major novel of the eighties'. Helen Daniel. Age Monthly Review.
by Nicholas Hasluck

Publication Details:
Penguin, 1984
Reprint Paperback 260 pp
ISBN: 0 14 007252 7

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Cover notes:
"Subversion thrives on turmoil. In Holland to study at the mysterious Grotius Institute, Leon Davies is accosted by a student linked to foreign radicals.

The encounter plunges him into an intrigue which will haunt him for a lifetime - leading finally to his interrogation by a counter-espionage expert who confronts him with evidence gathered in Australia.

The questions probe deep. Doubts, fears, myths, betrayals, utopian illusions, are all relentlessly exposed, then stripped away.

At the centre of the affair, stands the Bellarmine Jug, the strangely inscribed curio which seems to hold the key..."

'Here is compelling reading...Better than most novels and superior to any week of television' Humphrey McQueen, Sydney Morning Herald.

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