Sir Paul Hasluck Books

An Open Go

Essays on various subjects published by Hawthorn Press in 1971.
by Paul Hasluck

Publication Details:
The Hawthorn Press, 1971
Hardback 137 pp
SBN: 7256 0069 1

Cover notes:
"An Australian Governor-General has total freedom in choosing his topic for public address - yet at the same time he must beware of saying too much too emphatically.

This 'open go' requires him to tread a delicate path between empty rhetoric and furious controversy, calling for a skilful touch in expression and much integrity of opinion.

Sir Paul Hasluck shows a happy blend of these qualities in this volume of collected speeches made on civic occasions. They constitute an important record of a statesman's public thought and reveal that deeply thoughtful consideration Sir Paul has brought to all his duties."

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